Amber Smith

Amber Smith’s career consists of over 15 years of experience in senior levels of government, a presidential administration, strategic communications and public affairs, as well as multiple combat tours as a light attack/reconnaissance helicopter pilot and air mission commander where she led missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and as the best selling author of the book Danger Close.

Amber is currently the founder and president of Beacon Rock Strategies, a strategic advisory and communications consulting firm.

Prior to joining the private sector, Amber was the Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Outreach) in public affairs at the Pentagon to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. She led strategic outreach; community relations; corporate, business, and stakeholder engagement; outreach policy; entertainment and film; national sports league partnerships; special outreach events; digital and social media.

In this role, Amber led the creation and implementation of the DoD’s largest outreach initiative, This Is Your Military, while engaging American citizens and key defense-related organizations on critical national security matters, the roles of the U.S. Armed Forces, and the DoD’s community relations initiatives. Additionally, she has briefed the press corps at both the Department of Defense and Department of State.

In 2016, Amber became the press secretary for caucus operations at the GOP presidential convention as well as an advisor on the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs presidential transition team.

Amber is the author of the best selling book, Danger Close: My Epic Journey as a Combat Helicopter Pilot in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Amber is a former OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter pilot-in-command and air mission commander in the historic 101st Airborne Division. She is a combat veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars where she worked closely with the U.S. Infantry, NATO ground troops, Special Forces, Marines, as well as flew aerial security for Air Force One in 2008 for the President of the United States.

Smith frequently appears on national TV networks as a leading expert in defense, national security, veterans affairs, and foreign policy.  Smith is a renowned national speaker where she tells her inspirational story of perseverance and determination, lessons of leadership and communication, and achieving success under extreme pressure.

Amber Smith has a master of science in safety, security and emergency management with a Homeland Security specialization and a bachelor of science in professional aeronautics.